Department of Computer Science

About IT Department

The Department of Information Technology at P.R.Engineering College was established in the year 2000 which speaks volumes of the high-quality instruction and training imparted to its students. Manned by highly qualified, committed and dynamic faculty and staff, the department in its short existence has emerged as one of the leading departments in the region in terms of placements, university results, quality of project work, extra/co-curricular activities and novel academic initiatives etc. The Department of Information Technology offers programs of study leading to technical education degrees which educate and prepare students for rewarding carries in research and industry.

Vision and Mission

Scope and Future

The IT industry has great scope for people as it provides employment to technical and non-technical graduates and has the capability to generate huge foreign exchange inflow for India. India exports softwares and services to approximately 95 countries in the world. By Outsourcing to India, many countries get benefits in terms of labour costs and business processes. Also, the Indian companies are broadening the range of services being provided to the customers, which is resulting in more off shoring. Talent acquisition, development and retention initiatives taken by the companies have brought down the employee attrition rates, thereby providing more stability to the employees and increasing their job commitment.

Computer Laboratory I

  1. Operating System Lab
  2. Compiler Design Lab
  3. System Software Lab
  4. Computer Networks Lab

Computer Laboratory II

  1. Visual Programming Lab
  2. Software Development Lab
  3. DBMS Lab
  4. Middleware Lab