Quality & Discipline


  • Inculcating discipline
  • Employing committed and skilled personnel
  • Promoting clear systems & procedures
  • Continuous improvement in teaching skills
  • Planned operation
  • Continuous upgradation in infrastructure


  • Any behavior or activity in or outside the campus leading to intended or inadvertent damage to the reputation of the institution is considered misconduct and /or indiscipline. Loitering in the verandah, disfiguring or damaging furniture, wetting or otherwise dirtying the walls, etc. are considered indiscipline
  • Respect to the teachers and others is mandatory. Greeting the fellow students and saluting the teaching staff are considered good manners
  • Raising in respect when teacher or any management staff enters the class room and sitting only after they say so are good student behavior
  • Girls and boys are forbidden to interact in the campus or while traveling by the P. R. Engineering College bus
  • Absolute silence must be maintained all over the campus (and in the P. R. Engineering College bus) except for academic interaction in classroom or laboratories
  • Continuous upgradation in infrastructure