Department of Computer Application

About MCA

The Department of Computer Applications (MCA) was started in the year 2001, started with an intake of 60 students. In this era of technological explosion, the department is dedicated to maintaining a high standard of excellence through quality, technology and innovation. The MCA program seeks to prepare participants for high level careers in the ever expanding field of Computer Applications. It comprises a comprehensive and integrated sequence of courses aiming to develop knowledge and skills in all areas of Computer Applications. Realizing the importance of multinational companies eyeing India as the bastion for software production, the Department objective is to train the students in both theory and practice on one side and in software and hardware development on the other side, so that they become competent software and hardware professional. In this way the Department aims to prepare to become employable on their own skills. Over the years, the department has built-up a well-equipped laboratory and an excellent departmental library with 1896 titles, 6050 volumes and IEL online and IEEE-e journals. It believes in academic excellence through value based education, which is conducive to boost the inherent capabilities and confidence of the students to take up the challenges of the rapidly changing world. The department has organized various workshops in collaboration with the industry to keep abreast with the latest updates and conducted lecture series by eminent personalities from the industry and academia. The department association "GRASP-Global research association and solution providers" inaugurated every year and to enlighten and explore every mind technically, a National Level Technical Symposium Convival is being organized by our Students on a yearly basis.

Vision and Mission

Scope and Future

MCA is becoming fastly a popular field of study. The reason is simple, the stream assures you the entry into the brave new world of computers, where the future lies. In spite of shocks, setbacks and the dotcom bust, Indian IT professionals are much in demand and they are taking the global software industry by storm. The matching demand of IT professionals far exceeds the supply. If you keep a close watch on the job opportunities sections in daily newspapers or job ads on the net, you can easily understand how much demand an MCA graduates has in the market. Leading multinational companies that are opening operations in India are desperately looking for MCA's. TODAY almost all the companies recruiting software professionals are looking forward to MCA's. Since the course coverage of MCA can easily fit into any kind of software environment and also any level in the hierarchy ranging from programmer to a project leader to a software consultant, depending upon the experience. A student on completing MCA is absorbed into the industry as a programmer. There are a lot of openings for a candidate after he finishes his MCA. Opportunities exist from larger user organisations such as telecommunications firms to small setups like software houses and small consultancies. The students with a good grounding in computer applications are having opportunties which are almost endless in the IT industry. In this age of IT revolution, the MCA professionals can look forward for a bright future.

MCA Laboratories

  1. Programming and Data Structures Lab
  2. Algorithm Lab
  3. Internet Programming Lab
  4. DBMS Lab
  5. OOPS Lab
  6. UNIX Lab