Department of Mechanical Engineering

About Mechanical

Mechanical Engineers gear the world. They are the main brains behind the design, manufacture, erection and commissioning, testing and maintenance of all mechanical equipment. The power sector, Automobile sector, Aeronautical sector, Ralway sector, Steel plant sector, Defence Sector, Turbo and Fluid machinery sector and Fabricationsector are few to list. The invention of new software in the field has gained momentum in all areas of the field including research. The department also supports the other department by teaching basic engineering subjects.

Vision and Mission

Scope and Future

Mechanical engineering is one of oldest branch of engineering and this course is available in almost all engineering colleges across India. Mechanical engineering is really a broad field of engineering because of its application. It has application right from manufacturing plants, vehicles, ships, robots, heating and cooling systems, aircrafts, even in medical devices. Mechanical Engineering have good prospects in industry as well as higher studies. Mechanical Engineering jobs don�t mean to work in a workshop like a labor. There are plenty of office work and because of vast application of computers in mechanical engineering. All designing and manufacturing process is automated and computerized. Therefore the job profile for mechanical engineering is almost similar to a computer engineer. Every top university offering engineering courses have mechanical engineering and there is lot of research going on in very specialized fields of Mechanical Engineering. You can see a good amount of requirement for PhD and research students abroad.

Engineering Practices Lab

  1. Manufacturing Technology Lab
  2. Strength of Material Lab
  3. Fluid Mechanics And Machinery Lab
  4. Thermal Engineering Lab
  5. Metrology & Measurement Lab
  6. Dynamics Lab
  7. CAD/CAM Lab
  8. ANSYS Lab
  9. Mechatronics Lab